Long exposure view of a castle from our hotel room PDR_0304.JPG

Heroes Square, featuring Gabriel and the seven conquerying Magyars PDR_0312.JPG

Detail of one of the Chiefs. These guys were tough. PDR_0322.JPG

Another tough guy PDR_0324.JPG

View of the Danube, Buda on the left, Pest on the right PDR_0328.JPG

St. Stevens Cathedral PDR_0338.JPG

Together, we conquered communism. Well, actually I just stood there, and he was executed after a failed 1956 revolt. PDR_0342.JPG

Looking down the Danube, Parliament on the left. George Clinton nowhere to be seen. PDR_0353.JPG

Buda apartments along the river PDR_0355.JPG

In the center of town, funicular railroad can be seen on the left PDR_0360.JPG

Pervaise and Dan, on top of the castle from the first picture PDR_0365.JPG

Detail of another castle. They have every architecture imaginable there. PDR_0370.JPG

More Parliament. George Clinton bottom right. PDR_0371.JPG

Fisherman's bastion, another interesting castle PDR_0376.JPG

Religious monument at dusk, unknown saint PDR_0381b.JPG

Top of the same monument PDR_0382.JPG

Long exposure of Pest at night, chain bridge in the foreground with St. Stevens in the background PDR_0392.JPG